Root & Bone Work



This is a sweet online offering that helps us find our solid ground again.

You can access the course here ~

After exploring this free content, if you feel called to go deeper we can share space in the

Root & Bone Work session.

This deep dive takes you into the dark soil of your being. 

We will navigate your ROOTS~

The beliefs, stories and thoughts that have a massive impact

on your feelings of wholeness & groundedness.

After getting real clarity on these old stories & their origins...

we will uproot them from your being (mind/body/heart/soul)

& invite new Roots to form in the earth of your very own BONES~

In your actual truth & ground.

We will explore your truths around money, race, sex, gender & power.

This is tender territory & is designed

for one who has ample support in their lives

for doing this type of intense self liberation work. 

This work does not take the place of therapeutic medical advice

or psychiatric services but can work will in tandem with such self help.


Along with this session (or with the online offering) I have

The Bones Elixir

available to help embody the shifts taking place in the psyche. 

This elixir is crafted by my hands beginning at Dark Moon & completing on Autumn Equinox. 

This medicine holds several herbs known for their bone strengthening capabilities. 

These magical herbs have been steeped in a concoction

of the darkest desert edge honey I could procure and a rich, musky alcohol called sotol. 

Sotol is created from Dasylirion wheeleri ~

a plant lovingly nicknamed The Desert Spoon. 

The family who crafts this liquor has done so for six generations on their native land in Chihuahua, Mexico and know how to harvest without killing the sweet plant (which takes up to 2 decades of growth in order to be harvestable!). The liquor is lovingly distilled in old copper kettles using family secrets and desert timing.  Combining this with dark, hard won honey, three Bone herbs, mineral rich pink salt and the essences of Smokey Quartz (a personal friend of mine) & an Oak tree that was danced under during times of great collective unrest has crafted a deep, rich tonic that can truly graft new Roots in our psyche and embody these truths in our Bones. 

This is powerFULL energetic medicine! 

The recommended dosage is 1-3 drops under the tongue once a day for one full moon cycle...

really get to know the medicine and how she affects your process!

1oz bottle - $24

limited quantity & only made once a year

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