Hello Beautiful...

I am SO grateful that you are HERE!


What we need most to heal this world are 

empowered, healing, whole women...

Because WE are the change makers...

And the world needs a change!


The fastest way I have found to heal is in commUNITY.

In witness.

This is the work I offer + this is why I am birthing



A Moon Medicine Collective for Women


A commUNITY of deep healing for women.

The kind of healing that gets into the Roots + Bones of your life...

The kind of healing that changes you forever.


And those who step into WYLD...change!


We BEcome... 

OUR selves.






Fully Present + Empowered IN our Choices!


Are you ready to reclaim your own unique way of living WYLD?


Are you ready to pull back the curtains, get really clear about the cages within you + rewrite the story of YOUR life?


Are you ready to remember your inner wise child 

that entered this world in full power + potential?


Are you ready to embrace your inner fiery teenager 

whose body knows what to do?


Are you looking for the initiations, the guidance + the supportive elders 

you’ve never had before?


Are you ready to drop the bullshit of fitting in and begin to focus on 

living your life like the legacy that it is?


Do you have everything that you thought would make you happy + still find yourself dissatisfied, restless + dry?


Does the idea of living in tune with the Moon + Her rhythms 

fascinate + delight you?


Do you know in your bones that you crave commUNITY, 

connection, intimacy + sisterhood?

Then WYLD is for YOU!

We open this portal of power 

October 2021

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Here is what you will receive with membership in WYLD:


~ Each Moonth we will collectively explore one sticky topic that prevents us from fully stepping into our power + purpose

~ PDF delivered via email Dark Moon each moonth that contains 28 daily journal prompts exploring this topic 

~ Altar suggestions to add some magic to your daily life

~ A Mantra that we will all say daily for each Moon cycle

~ An opportunity to join a Vulnerability Practice Circle online via Zoom each Moon cycle (not recorded). 


~ One Support Circle each moonth is offered with Wyld + will be recorded/ posted so you can practice being seen + learn how to hold space for another.  Participants will share for the entire group + have opportunity to receive guided inquiry from Wyld if desired.

~ Bonus material Live Guest speakers + Recorded Meditations as Great Mystery requests them.

~ A commUNITY of women co-creating a space of epic healing, growth, support + magic the likes of which you’ve never experienced.  Absolute medicine happens when groups gather with pure intention + a desire for change.

~ As a member you also receive discounts on other Wyld Lee offerings including Root + Bone Work (her signature courses that dive deeper into the topics being covered in this membership), private sessions, physical products + The Transformation Map!


All this deliciousness is offered to 2021 founding members for only $28 a moonth with a request of commitment to 13 Moons (one year) of membership.   I find people are most able to create + maintain the deepest shifts in their lives when held in an intimate container for a minimum of 13 moons...

(Prices will go up in 2022... this introductory rate is for founding members only + will remain your price for as long as you stay enrolled in our commUNITY!)

©2021 by Wyld Lee.