🐅 🌙 Moonday TAROT READING for AUGUST 2021🌙 🐅

🐅 🌙 Moonday TAROT READING for AUGUST 2021🌙 🐅


Seven of Pentacles


There is Kali energy as we head towards Full Moon during this harvest time... what no longer fits who we are? What would serve us better in it's ending? Are we giving too much precious energy to things we don't truly feel good about or in accordance with? Are we continuing to expand ourselves with education, adventure and new ways of thinking? This month is asking us to reevaluate how we are showing up, how we are shining (or dimming our shine) + taking full responsibility for our ride. No one can do our tending for us... we are here to tend ourselves so we can radically show up to meet the new world that is emerging.

Calling all the Tiger Warriors!

All the LOVE, Wyld

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