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This page is dedicated to the healers, teachers, dancers and other humans who have influenced and affected my journey!  I feel this culture is lacking in reciprocity - in equally giving as much as we receive.  This is an illness that does not serve us or our relationship to life and this planet.


In this small way, I am honouring all my teachers.  I would not be the healer I am today without each of these Beings having crossed my path.  


I may also no longer vibe with some of these people (so do not accept this as a full endorsement - please approach all your healing relationships with discernment!); however their influence has been a catalyst on my journey!  For that spark I will be forever grateful.


I have invested in my healing by doing some type of work with each of these individuals.  Investing in Soul Work is the most direct route to healing I have discovered.  We aren't meant to heal alone... we are meant to be held, witnessed and loved back into wholeness.  May this page INspire you to begin and continue your own healing spiral...


This page will be updated as I evolve. Healers listed are in no particular order!


GMA Kaarina Saarinen

Keath Silva

Karen Murphy

Sara Mains

Gabrielle Roth

Lorca Simons

Visudha De Los Santos

Tammy Burstein

Lindsay Mack

Rowena McKee

Jenny Lee

Allison May

Nova Raye

Susan Froelich

Charlie Cannon

Lincoln Crockett

Nome McBride

Sofia Ravens

Avery Deane Le'Swift

Lucia Horan

Jannie Schaffer

Breana Hause

Julia C. Wells

Carolyn Elliot

Abby McHale

Mama Gena

Cory Parker

Dr. Cathleen King

Sheri Horvat

The Grants

Sarah M. Chappell

Kayleigh Marie

Deb Clark

Christine Eartheart

Craig Walker

Patrick Sellin

Shannon Kuder


The land upon which I live.  Land originally tended by the The Warm Springs, The Paiute, The Wasco and many other smaller Nations.  I reside at the base of Wy'East (Mt. Hood) and the mountain is a deep teacher.


The Animal Beings, Plant Beings, Stone beings, Tree People, Birds, Crawlers and all sentient life forms (which is everything!)


The Elements- Earth, Air, Fire, Water + Ether.

I also have benefited SO much from these modalities...


Time outside in Nature unplugged

Conscious Dance

Somatic Experiencing



Tuning Fork Therapy

Mineral Water Soaks



Cold Water plunges

Talk Therapy



Women’s Circles

Lifewave PhotoTherapy Patches

Gene Keys
Akashic Records
Emotion Code
Brain Spotting
Angel Numbers
Oracle Decks
The bones
The Dance
The Tarot

And of course my family.  My mom Lee Anne, dad Chet, my Mamaw Barb, Papaw Les, GGJ Jenny, Mimi and my children Ethan + Eli.  My pARTner Ben and his cat Shanti.   And my dear dog Phin who has taught me the most.