In the Bones - Body Presencing Session

In this session, we co-create an opportunity for your Body to have their voice heard. We begin by dropping in to sacred space together & actively inviting in the Body to speak. Through ritual theatre, movement repetition, compassionate inquiry & full presence we will explore your essence BEing IN the BONES of your physical container, traversing the wild territory of held emotions, story & unknown needs waiting hungrily for your attention.


These sessions are quite different from my Tarot work. Please arrive nourished, in comfortable clothing with an open mind, soft heart and willingness to explore the Mind/Body in a new way.


Sessions are offered on a sliding scale donation of $50-150 for 1 hour. We may extend to 1.5 if the flow is present and deep work is being done...please keep your calendar open afterward to allow for some spaciousness.


This session is a deeper exploration on a particular topic:


This session will include a witnessed embodiment experience, guided inquiry, compassionate space holding as well as Tarot & Energy Medicine as needed.

1.5-2 hours

Exchange is $200 for one session,

package of three sessions is $500

Student of the Root & Bone Work online module receive a 10% discount on these sessions as well as on The Bones Elixir (normally priced at $24 for a 1/2 oz bottle) which is quite supportive in this deep personal liberation work.


This is a session for couples who are having difficulty find a communication bridge to understanding each other. We use the cards to identify what is blocking communication & then utilize therapeutic listening, reflection & skill building to find reconnection in the relationship.


This session can also be useful for couples who have decided to dissolve their romantic relationship and wish to participate in conscious uncoupling. We can dive into the patterns & stuck places that are preventing you from compassionately bringing closure & allowing the relationship to transmute into its new form.